​​​Rules and Regulations :   

1.  All the students are expected to obey and respect the faculty and staff of the institution.         

2.  Good discipline and proper manners shall be maintained inside the College campus. (a) Smoking and other intoxicating substances within the College campus is prohibited. (b) Abuse of any kind of drugs is liable for immediate action to the extent of dismissal from the college. (c) Drug peddling is a crime and subject to legal action.

4.  Ignorance of vital information put on the Notice Board is not a valid excuse for non-compliance.

5.  Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited.

6.  Students are not allowed to organise any kind of extensive meeting or gathering  within the College campus without prior permission from Principal.

7.  No student in a group comprising of more than 15 students is permitted to attend any meeting or conference outside the college campus during college working days without the permission of the Principal.

8.  Mobile phones must be switched off in the class room and strictly prohibited inside the examination hall.

9.  Students are not allowed to take part in any anti-national or anti-government activities.

10. Partisan politics and propagation of their policies within the College campus is strictly prohibited.

11. Leave of absence must be obtained within one week of joining.

12. Violation of Rules and Regulations by any student is punishable by the College authority. Offenders  are liable to face the penalty of either detention from appearing the examination or expulsion from the College.