Head of department:
Lalnunmawii Pachuau
Associate Professor

The department of English has the following Aims and Objectives:


·         To reflect the distinct nature of our discipline and our dedication to literature, language and the arts.

·         To provide instruction in a variety of cognitive skills including analyzing, synthesizing, speaking, listening, reading, evaluating, and appreciating language for itself.


·         To strengthen abilities in listening, speaking and reading.

·         To improve the skill of technical writing (such as paragraph and essay formation, rhetorical strategies, and the mastery of grammatical and mechanical competencies).

·         To graduate students by instilling an appropriate knowledge of relevant fields within the discipline, including literature; literary history, criticism, and theory; the language structures of modern English and the history of the English language.

·         To strengthen the liberal education of students by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy

·         To develop the communicative skill of English language.

·         To think divergently and to instruct students in other related skills.

 General activities of the Department:

·         The department faculty conducts meeting on a regular basis with a detailed agenda to ensure staff accountability and participation.

·          The faculty attended numerous academic workshop/ seminar/ webinar that are mandated as part of a Faculty Development Programme.

·         A strategic Outreach Programme has been launched to educate knowledge in various schools in Mizoram. The Core students of our department are involved in such activities to reach out to the communities in their own ways to give them exposure, enhance their practical orientation and teaching experience. Also, these various out of the classroom experiences have helped our students grow and become responsible citizens of the future.

·         Based on an informal activity, a departmental Cosplay has been organized to inspire the students in their understanding of literary history.

·         Spoken English Classes have been conducted for communication skills development. 

·         The department has organized two National Webinars namely:

          1)      Disentangling the Relationship between Gender and Work- Family Conflict: A New Paradigm for the 21st Century on 21st September, 2020.

          2)     Culture and Identity on 25th September, 2020.

·         Special/individual counseling is provided to encourage and motivate students (especially core students) as and when required.