The prime purpose of library is to provide access to knowledge and information so, the library functions as one of the knowledge hub of the college.
The college library is located at the main administrative building of the college.

Objectives of Library:

1.      To cultivate reading habits among students.

2.      To provide facilities and services for students and faculty and collect needed information and use them according to their needs.

3.      Develop efficient and effective library which is adaptable to the charging academic environment.

Library working hours:

                        The library is opened on all working days from 9:00 Am to 4:00 Pm.

Library Committee:
                        As per UGC Norms, library committee is formed where the Principal is the Chairman, the Deputy Librarian is the Secretary, one member from each of the six department as a Committee Member and one member from the account section. The Committee takes up all the responsibility relating to the development of the Library.

Library Automation:
                        The College Library was automated by using SOUL 2.0 in 2013. It was initially done with the help of library expert hired by the college. Till date, it has been functioning smoothly and effectively.

Circulation Service:
                        Circulation Service is one of the major and important service of the library. The circulation desk is in change of lending books to students and faculty, return of books, changing overdue fines and also safe guarding library books from mutilation and damage.

Reference Service:
                        One of the major service is reference service. The role of the library is to guide and assist the user to find specific and factual sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbook, manuals etc. and other reference sources.

Photocopying Service:
                        Photocopying and printing facility is provided to students and faculty only on special and urgent cases.

Library Orientation:
                        Library Orientation is organized every year at the beginning of each academic year. All information that is needed for students to utilize college library to the fullest is provided in the Orientation Programme.

Question Bank facility:
                        Question Bank Facility is also extended for both faculty and students. Old questions are collected and are categorized based on the course. They are issued for reference purposes.

Acquisition Procedure:
                        The main sources for procurement of books comes from the fees of the students. Hence, it allocates an appropriate budget to procure materials to meet the syllabi of the courses.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television):
                        CCTV have been installed in the library for safety purposes.

Library Staff:
                        At present 1 (one) Deputy Librarian and 1 (one) Library Assistant are permanently engaged in the library.

Future Plan:
1.      Major renovation of physical infrastructure (or construction of new library building)

2.      Additional staffing of the library personnel

3.      Acquiring stable internet connectivity

4.      Procurement of additional funds for quantitative and qualitative upgradation.

General Profile of College Library:

1.      Name of College                                                         : Govt. Johnson College

2.      Year of Establishment                                                : 27th July, 1993

3.      Year of Establishment of College Library      : 1993

4.      Date of Provincialization                                            : 11th October, 2007

5.      No. of Department                                                      : 6 (six) namely; English, Mizo,

  Education, Economics, History,

   Political Science with honours

6.      No. of Library Members                                             : i) Students – 1097

              ii)Teachers – 28

  iii)Non-Teaching Staff – 7

7.      Classification                                                              : Done by Dewey Decimal

Classification(DCC) 23rd edition.

8.      N-List registered in 2017

9.      Library Automation done in 2013; software used SOUL 2.0

10.  Book Collection (Subject wise)                                  :

English                        : 1731

Mizo                            : 2466

Political Science          : 1162

Education                    : 1290

Economics                   : 1039

History                        : 919

Reference                    : 960

TOTAL          : 9567 

11.  Number of Journals/Newspapers, Magazines subscribed:

i)                    Journals                       - 7

E- Journals                  - through INFLIBNET


ii)                  Newspapers:

Mizo                            - 4

English                        - 3 
iii)                Magazines                   - 3 (English)

12.   Library Visitors: On an average, 30 to 50 students visit the library on a daily basis.
13.  Books borrowed: Approximately 20 – 40 books are issued for students and faculty on all working days.

Updated: 15-Apr-2021