Head of department:
Associate Professor


The Department of Political Science  was amongst the pioneer departments   functioning within the college since its establishment  in 1993. The Department  currently has 6  teaching faculty members;  4 Associate professors and  2 Assistant professors. The Department caters to the academic and holistic needs of around 700 students. The Department offers courses as per the syllabus prescribed  under Mizoram University  along with various co-curricular events   for promotion of student development and  welfare.

General Activities of the Department:

Conduct of   classes ( offline and online  mode)

Excursion Trips for academic related purposes

Study Tours ( within and outside Mizoram)  for the department students

Conduct  and  participation in Seminars and Conferences ( national- international level)  for students and faculty members

Conduct of Workshops   and Lecture Series   for  academic and skill   development purposes

Teacher and student exchange programmes   for promotion  of  knowledge based, skill induced education