The Institute has a well-structured management system whereby physical, academic and support facilities are systematically monitored and maintained. Requirements and suggestions are discussed and recorded in departmental meetings. The Language laboratory is maintained by the English department.                    

            The Language laboratory is utilized by the department for conducting spoken English and oral communication classes.


            The library and all its infrastructure is maintained by the library staff. The IQAC pays regular visit to the Library and often inquires the needs of the Library. The requirements for the enhancement of library books are submitted to the purchase committee by each department.


            Sports Complex: In the present campus there is no allotment for sports Complex. Activities has been made by the building committee. At present, the Games and sports Committee looks after the Sports equipment and all matters relating to sports events.


            Computers and Projectors: The computers and projectors are looked after by ICT committee. They are kept in charge of its maintenance and safekeeping. Repair works are done by Purchase & Maintenance Committee.


            Classrooms and Seminar Room: The cleanliness of the classroom is maintained by the cleanliness committee and students – in charge who carry out regular inspections. The safety of the furniture and all other equipment are in the hands of the college chowkidar under the supervision of the head assistant.

Updated: 11-May-2021