For any grievance or complains related to internal marks, students are requested to contact the following teachers:  ( the teachers can be contacted via call or whatsapp;kindly mention your name , roll number and semester)

1. Ms Zodinliani ( 9612602584)

2. Mr Vanlalrova Varte ( 8974230639)

A. Examination and Assessment

Each course, shall be evaluated at the scale of 100. For all courses, irrespective of theory and

practical, there shall be continuous internal assessment carrying 25 marks and an end-semester

examination carrying 75 marks.


1) Continuous Assessment:

The outline for continuous assessment activities shall be proposed by the teacher(s) concerned before

the commencement of the semester. Some suggested parameters of Continuous Assessment are class

tests, seminar, quiz, home assignments, project, and many other methods. However, there shall be

series of tests at regular intervals for each course (paper) incorporating various parameters as given

above. Final marks shall be calculated for total 25 Marks.

The scheme of awarding marks in internal assessment for theory courses shall be as below:

Table 3


Total marks

Class Tests (Average of 2 Test)

12 marks

Assignment/seminar/project etc.

8 Marks

Regularity in the class

5 Marks


Attendance evaluation for each course shall be as given in below:

Table 4



90% and above


85 less than 90%


80 less than 85%


76 less than 80%


75 less than 76%




2) The End-semester Examination

For each course (separately for theory and practical) end-semester examination shall be

conducted for 75 marks each. Finally the marks obtained in internal assessment and end-semester

examination in each course shall be computed and Grade awarded accordingly.


B. Passing rules

1) A minimum of 140 Credits are required for awarding B.Sc/B.Com and B.A degree.

2) For passing of each course, a candidate must secure a minimum of 40% marks (equivalent

Grade ‘C’) in end semester examination. For internal assessment there shall be no passing

marks. However, grading shall be based on marks obtained in both components i.e. internal

assessment and end semester examination.

3) In any case, a student shall not be allowed to repeat/improve a course for internal assessment


4) The 1st semester student who has not promoted to the 2nd semester, due to any reason, may

quit the programme or may seek for a fresh admission in the same subject or other after

passing through the prevailing admission procedure.

5) A candidate shall be permitted to proceed from the first semester up to final semester

irrespective of his/her failure in any of the semester examination subject to condition that the

candidate shall appear for all the arrear papers of each course(s) along with the concerned

semester examinations.

6) If student does not appear in the examination of all the prescribed course of a semester, he/she

shall not be promoted to the next semester. Such students may quit the programme or can

take admission in the same semester provided that total period will not exceed 10 consecutive

semesters. However, such student will not be considered for merit/ranking etc.


(Illustration: if a student does not appear the examinations of all the papers of the 2nd

Semester, he/she may not be promoted to the 3rd semester. Such student can take admission in

2nd Semester as a fresh student in the corresponding semester. However, if a student appears

in atleast one of the paper, he/she may be permitted to proceed to the next semester.)

7) Candidates are allowed to repeat their fail papers as many attempts as possible within the

total time frame to clear their back papers.


IX. Attendance

A candidate shall be eligible to appear in the end-semester examination only if he/she attends a minimum of 75% attendance as per University ordinance. (calculation of attendance should be based in overall performance of the candidate)


X. Grading

1) Each course (paper) shall be graded on the basis of marks obtained (on scaled marks of 100)

during a semester.

2) Letter Grades and Grade Points: There shall be absolute grading where marks obtained (out of

100) by a student in a course is converted to a Grade on a 10-point scale as given in Table 5:

Table 5: Marks to grade conversion

Marks  (%)

Letter Grade

Grade Points

90 to 100



80 to less than 90



70 to less than 80


Very Good

60 to less than 70



50 to less than 60



40 to less than 50



less than 40




i. Programme/Subject wise ranking shall be awarded at the final B.A, B.Sc.,B.Com.,B.Sc (Home Science) examinations.

ii. Top 10 candidates who pass all the examinations prescribed for each course of the programme in the first appearance of each semester (without repeating) shall be eligible for ranking.

iii. The CGPA (two decimal points) shall be the basis of ranking. If two or more candidates secured same CGPA, the candidate having higher SGPA in 6th semester will be given higher rank. Even if rank is not resolved the SGPA of 5th

semester may be taken into consideration.

iv. One Gold Medal shall be awarded to First Rank Holder programme wise (B.A./B.Sc./B.Sc(H.Sc)/B.Com) only to those candidates who secure overall CGPA 7.00 or above.

v. Students other than the Regular batch will not be considered for ranking [as in Regulation XII (7)].


XI. The classification of the results

The Final Grade Point (FGP) to award to the student shall be based on CGPA secured by candidate as

tabulated below:

Table 6



8 to 10


6 to less than 8


5 less than 6


4 less than 5


CGPA less than 4


Updated: 16-Mar-2022